At Nickerson New Jersey we know the importance of choosing the correct classroom furniture for preschool age children. In a room full of young children, additional safety measures – such as rounded corners and stable furniture that won’t tip over – are necessary. Throughout New Jersey, we assist early childhood schools and institutions allowing them to create safe learning environments with fun, innovative furniture. We’ve partnered up with leading manufacturers of preschool furniture to provide classrooms with furniture that is safe and functional, as well as environmentally friendly.

Cubbies and Storage Lockers

Tables and Seating


Reading will always be a big part of developing young minds.  Our products give kids full and easy access to resources at all times.

Dramatic Play

Our Trusted Manufacturers

These Storage compartments provide an organized and safe place for kids to store their things and learn about organizing.

Specialty tables and seating are built for safety and learning.

Our furniture offers children the resources to use their imagination and expand their minds.

Design Services

Nickerson provides 
an onsite service of: 

•  Space Planning
•  3D Renderings
•  Product Specifications
•  Product Applications
•  Budgeting Analysis

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