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Nickerson New Jersey inc.

provides high-quality furniture and institutional equipment to school districts throughout the Garden State.

From design to installation, we’re passionate about creating customized environments that foster dynamic, successful, and fun to learn experiences for students at all grade levels.

Classroom Furniture

Library Furniture

We feel that high quality functional classroom furniture is the key to student success. Teaming up with some of the world’s most innovative and respected manufacturers helps insure that we are always on top of the newest classroom furniture trends. Our chairs, desks and collaborative learning furniture foster an environment that helps to increase focus and engagement in the classroom.

We believe that a library is one of the most important rooms inside an educational institution. It is a hub for students to perform individual, as well as collaborative research to boost their education. We ensure that students are provided with innovative furniture that promotes a stimulating learning environment. We work with leading manufacturers of library shelving and furniture to develop eco-friendly, space saving solutions. We will help you create a customized space to fit your needs.

Office Furniture

We believe that having efficient office furniture with ample storage and comfort will lead to a more productive day. We have partnered with top manufacturers to provide quality office and administrative furniture to schools and professional buildings throughout New Jersey. No matter how big or small your office space may be, we can provide you with an effective furniture solution to keep your focus on your goals…not on your uncomfortable chair or lack of storage. 

At NNJ, we recognize that your time is valuable and that budgets are tight. Working closely with the NNJ team, you will clearly understand your product choices, you will have free design consultation, and you will efficiently choose the best product to fit your needs and budget.

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