NICKERSON NEW JERSEY INC. (NNJ) provides high quality furniture and institutional equipment to school districts throughout the Garden State.

From design to installation, we’re passionate about creating customized environments that foster dynamic, successful, and fun learning experiences for students at all grade levels.


  • Classroom Furniture
  • Office & Contract Furniture
  • Lockers & Supply Cabinets
  • Lecture Room Seating
  • Library Furniture and Shelving
  • Cafeteria Tables and Food Courts
  • Computer Furniture
  • Science and Laboratory Casework
  • Plastic Laminate Casework
  • Chalkboard/Tackboard
  • Athletic Equipment
  • Locker and Auditorium Refurbishing
  • Mobile and Flexible Furniture
  • Art and Music Furniture

At NNJ, we recognize that your time is valuable and that budgets are tight. Working closely with the NNJ team, you will clearly understand your product choices, you will have free design consultation, and you will efficiently choose the best product to fit your needs and budget.